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Alright! Everyone, let’s start our adventure!

Awh that’s cute I wanna watch this

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  • Have shiny odds changed in pokemon x and y


pokemon makes me so happy like this is gonna sound so nerdy and dumb but really it makes me so happy in a way a lot of things dont its been a part of my life since i was a toddler and it means so much to me i know its just a game and a cartoon but it fills me with a pure unfiltered joy and when i feel miserable an anxious it makes me feel good to sit and play X or to relax and watch the episodes of the anime i loved as a kid it just means so so much to me

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Friend code
  • Anyone wanting to do some trading or battles add me up on pokemon x and y .... Friend code - 0705-2967-9670 : D

I got that pokeball aswell ;D

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